Behaviour Change Principles work with the understanding that individual, team and organisational behaviours are shaped by capability, opportunity and motivation. At Free Range Professionals we use a solution-focused approach to build on the strengths of individuals, teams and organisations to kick-start and sustain positive behavioural change. We also teach people the knowledge and skills needed to foster behaviour change in others. This can be anything from managers coaching staff working more efficiently and independently to alcohol counsellors working with individuals to build new and healthier habits into their daily routines.


Jazka Atterbury of Free Range Professionals has 20 years’ success in designing and delivering innovative training packages that have changed the way support services are delivered in the UK. Jazka has been at the forefront of national Behaviour Change interventions including Supporting People, Delivering Race Equality and Making Every Contact Count. Jazka was also one of the first people to apply Behaviour Change Techniques to Professional Training and Coaching in business and has worked successfully in Digital Marketing introducing Advanced Communication Skills to teams across the UK. Adept at rigorous recording, evaluating and impact assessments, Free Range Professionals offer a 360-degree approach to professional learning and development. We do anything but deliver “just another day's training”.


Free Range Professionals apply Behaviour Change Techniques to all aspects of our coaching design and delivery. These include Goal Setting, Coaching Skills, Neurological Stages of Change, Drama Techniques and Motivational Interviewing. We also use diagnostic games and self-reflective learning tools to help clients develop a higher degree of self-awareness and to take the necessary steps to identify strengths, tackle weaknesses and to set and achieve goals.


Training and Coaching Specialisms

Motivational Interviewing Skills

Managing Organisational Change

Managing Teams and Individuals

Team Coaching and Motivation

Drama Techniques & Simulation

Presentation and Sales Techniques

Behaviour Change Techniques

Health Improvement/MECC

Strategic Development & Measuring Impact


Some of the clients we have successfully worked with include:



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“The key to human development is building on who you already are.”
— Tom Rath